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Shcheglov Yuriy Aleksandrovich, Applicant, sub-department of management, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Nowadays raiding is one of the fastest growing types of takeovers of enterprises by organized criminal groups in contemporary Russia. The risk is primarily caused by imperfection of the legislative framework. The most unprotected area of the Russian economy is the industrial sector. Due to its specificity, in some cases it may lead to an efficient capture of an enterprise. The aim of this work is to analyze risks and to propose options to reduce them.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented on the basis of the analysis of companies, exposed to raiding, as well as organizations, which hold the interest. The majority of authors is limited to consideration of factors, considered by an aggressor in assessing raid-suitability of an object. In the methods proposed by academic economists, the main criterion of evaluation is the risk as measured by the ratio of profit and asset value. At the same time of highly probable risk of raider takeovers is the situation, in which the profit is less than or equal to the value of assets, and also in the absence of development prospects at the average efficiency of an enterprise.
Results. The methods of assessing raid-suitability, considered in the article, show the need to evaluate organizations to rely primarily on a mathematical model, which eliminates ambiguity in interpretation of the results, as well as the specifics of an enterprises.
Conclusions. Establishment of a system for assessing raid-suitability of enterprises can prevent occurrence of the risk of raiding, and in case of raiding to find a way out of it or minimize the consequences. This system will be able to increase attractiveness to investors and increase the profit of enterprises at the expense of more security.

Key words

raid-suitability, enterprise, hostile takeover, profit.

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